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Blood on the dancefloor

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Blood on the Dance Floor was formed in 2006 in Orlando, Florida. They are classified as an electronica group. The group is also know for their hardcore screaming and shocking hair and makeup. This band currently remains unsigned by a label. Blood on the Dance Floor have a large following of fans. Their fans are known as the "Slash Gash Terror Crew". The original lineup was Jayy Von Monroe and Dahvie Vanity. Vanity is also a Tigi trained hairdresser. Blood on the Dance Floor has release three albums. They are are follows: "Let's Start a Riot" (2007), "It's Hard to Be a Diamond In a Rhine Stone World" (2009), and "Epic" (2010). Four Eps have also been released. These are: 'I Scream I Scream' (2009), 'Extended Play!' (2009), 'OMFG Sneak Peak!' (2009) and 'Epic' (2010). Blood on the Dance Floor has made and released two music videos for the songs 'Believe' and 'Death to Kill'. Both of these videos were released in 2010. The band has had six single only releases. The single releases are: 'Designed to Kill' (2009), 'Sexting' (2010), 'Inject Me Sweetly' (2010), 'My Gift & My Curse' (2010), 'The Loving Dead' (2010), 'Yo, Ho' (2010), and 'Happy Violentine's Day' (2010). Blood on the Dance Floor has also released a cover of the song 'Closer' by the Nine Inch Nails. The cover was given away as a free download to each and every person who physically purchased a copy of their first edition album "Let's Start a Riot". Future releases are thought to be: 'Epidemic E.P.', 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time', 'Sexting' and 'The Loving Dead' music videos.