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Sons Of Anarchy

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Straight out of Charming, California, anarchy has arrived. You can get your own piece of SAMCRO here with our officially licensed products. We have tons of product to choose from, even for your old man or old woman. Our Sons of Anarchy apparel ranges from:

  • Women’s tanks and t-shirts

  • Men’s flannel

  • Men’s t-shirts

  • Raglans

  • Hats

  • Beanies

  • Hoodies

Our apparel is much easier to get than a patch, but in it you’ll feel just as much a loyal member of SAMCRO. After all, with all the heartbreak and shock the show has put fans through, you’ve earned it.

Thanks for the Ride, Jax

Jax, Opie, Tara and others may be gone, but they’ll continue on through you, the fan, in your Sons of Anarchy apparel. Delve into our Metal Mulisha SAMCRO products or commemorate a character’s death in a number of our flannels and t-shirts. All are professionally made—anarchy doesn’t reign in our workplace—with a quality that will last you past the time it takes to re-binge watch all the seasons, and, as always, we bring you affordable product. Which is good, because you’ll need to buy some tissues for the next season finale with the money you save.


We know why you love Sons of Anarchy. It’s not just about betrayal and birthright, but also the complex relationships—the struggle for integrity in an illegal society where even the lawmen are corrupt. From back alley politics to using intimidation as a form of negotiation, it’s an intoxicating thrill ride of a show.

All of our apparel is iconically SAMCRO. Featuring their Grim Reaper logo with its M16 scythe, there’s no doubt what motorcycle club you belong to. Other fans will stop you on the street—some to talk about the characters or twists in the show, most to find out where you found your Sons of Anarchy apparel. And luckily, not being from Charming, you won’t have to worry about ulterior motives or getting wrapped up in a devious scheme.


Now that the shows over, we’re all we have left. Just each other—and Netflix. It’s up to us to carry on the legacy begun by the Redwood Originals and Kurt Sutter. Show your loyalty to Jax (or another favorite character). Join the SAMCO Nation: the millions of loyal fans dedicated to the biker drama that unfolded in Charming. It may not be a patch, but Sons of Anarchy apparel is less dangerous to get.

Thanks for the ride, Jax.