Admiral Pomade

The days of overly spiked hedgehog hair are behind us, and boy, are we glad. Not that popping balloons on our friends hair wasn’t any fun, but let’s be real, the look wasn’t attractive and required others to take caution.

Mens’ hair fashion has taken a turn for the better. It’s not to say that gel is obsolete, just more evolved. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, we introduce to you hair pomades, such as our high quality and affordable Admiral Fiber Pomade. It’s not like your grandfather’s hair of the 50s, greasers still aren’t in, unless you’re going for the posh, smoking jacket hair. We can condone that.

Why switch to the power of pomade?

Men’s grooming only recently became more mainstream and socially acceptable to discuss. Lubersexual is a thing. As are intricate moustaches and neat beards. So now, all these secrets are coming out of the woodwork and into the market as men partake in buffs, cleansers and smelling like a man who smells good, man. 

Pomades get you whatever look you’re going for, without the downsides of gel or mousse. It holds without looking greasy, is long lasting, and unlike gel or mousse, you can restyle it with water throughout the day. With pomade, your look is effortless. Not like you’ve been in front of the mirror for an hour. The consistency is made for precision, so can get each hair into place, or you can rub it all the way through for a tousled look.

Our Admiral Fiber Pomade helps you achieve a wide range of styles without weighing your hair down. It has a slight shine for a clean look, not greasy, that adds dimension to your locks. May sound odd, but trust us, it looks good. This particular pomade can achieve both a post-surf look or a dapper, slicked back ‘do. The scented formula is not just alluring, but will help keep your hair healthy.

It’s a premium pomade, and did we mention it comes with a sticker? Plus, Admiral products are made in California. And they know hair.

A Classic Coiff

There’s a reason some things never go out of style and why some come back in style. Pomades like Admiral Fiber Pomade are a classic way to style hair and now that they’re not made from straight up grease, they’re booming in popularity. It’s easy to see why, our pomades can slick, flip, twirl and pomp your hair with style that will rival Fabio’s. It’s the kind of attitude of a greaser without all the goop and having to carry around a comb. Your styling tools are literally at your fingertips.

Let go of the frustrating and time consuming gels, sprays, and mousses that make your hair look like you’re trying too hard. Instead, style your hair with Admiral Fiber Pomade and other Admiral brands for enviably touchable style.

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