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Every man knows that the best hair is touchable hair. One you can run your fingers through and then peek out enticingly over the top of your sunglasses. A man with good hair is a man who’s going places. Who know’s the difference between a New York steak and a porterhouse. Who can perfectly pair his date’s dinner with a decadently aged wine from the Bordeaux region of France. We recommend the Sauvignon-Blanc steamed mussels with a 2009 Château Haut Rian Bordeaux Sec.

But what distinguishes good hair from plain hair? Plain hair just sits on top of your head. It’s there, it’s serving its purpose of keeping your head warm and qualifying your mammalian classification. It’s fuzzy, flops with the breeze, and could easily be mistaken for a small Pomeranian perched on your head.

What distinguishes good hair is style. How do you get style? Hair pomade like Anchors Teddy Boy Original Pomade.

Premium Style

This isn’t your great-grandpa’s Dapper Dan pomade that makes your hair look like you dipped it in vaseline. Today’s pomades come in both water and oil-based formulas designed for flexible style, not plastering. Anchors’ premium pomades give you a flexible, lasting hold in a range of shines. Extracts and vitamin E in their formulas nourish and improve your scalp to keep your hair healthy—because good style starts with strong hair. It makes your hair smell amazing too, and who doesn’t benefit from that added bonus?

Anchors Teddy Boy Original Pomade is a solid middle pomade, not matte, but not shiny, so it’s the most versatile. You can use just a dab for a “just went surfing” vibe, rub more through to style every hair to perfection for a dapper look or use it for anything and everything in between.

Our pomade is great for fine, thick, curly, wavy and just hairy hair because you can customize which product you use and how much of it you use. Since it rubs through your hair, you get every strand you want to reach for just the right look. And unlike gel or mousse, it remains workable throughout the day for touch-ups before a date or on an especially windy day. Gone are the days of crunchy, wet strands or fluffy, over-moussed poodle hair.

The Pomade Difference

You may notice things changing when you start using Anchors pomade like Anchors Teddy Boy Original Pomade. Peoples’ heads start to turn. You stand up a little straighter. A gentle breeze runs through your locks like a fan at a photoshoot, not a cyclone. It’s the pomade effect. People start mistaking you for a movie star because only an actor could have hair this good or carry himself with such confidence. What they don’t know is how affordably you got that movie star quality hair.

With our variety of Anchors pomades to choose from, you’ll find a pomade to enhance your look starting from the root.

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