Merch2Rock is committed to helping our customers be at the forefront of coolness by only selling products on the leading edge of style to help you stand out.

One product we are proud to offer for the manliest of our customers is a line of beard oils designed to create the distinct vibe they are looking for.

By Real Men, For Real Men

When designing their brand, the makers of Apothecary 87 beard products asked “What is a well groomed man?” After some research the answer has produced some of the manliest beard care products around.

A well groomed man isn’t just someone who uses great products, but can present himself in a desired way through all aspects of life. That is what the Apothecary 87 team does in their own life, and what they strive to help you do in yours.

A Combination of Research and Tradition

Apothecary 87 beard products were not just created by accident. The brand’s owner wanted to make sure each customer could feel the manliest possible while still taking care of their facial hair. Through a desire to create beard oil with just the right scent, the A87 brand was born. Combining the traditions that honor the owner’s grandfather with a love of vintage styles and modern sensibilities, the A87 brand is poised to help men everywhere feel manly about their beard.

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