Captain Fawcett

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The Captain Fawcett brand of men’s grooming products are named for and inspired by the intrepid explorer who vanished in the early 1900s while navigating a major tributary to the Congo River. Ninety years later traces of his expedition were found, including a trunk whose contents contained salves, unguents, ointments, and meticulously detailed lists of exotic ingredients for use in the captain’s very famous grooming requisites.

Covering the Entire Range of Facial Grooming Needs

From the ingredients found by the intrepid explorer comes an entire line of first class gentlemen’s grooming products. The Captain Fawcett brand knows a first class look requires more than just a trim and a comb. That is why they have invested time into developing a range of moustache waxes, beard oils, shaving supplies, and parfums so men everywhere can be classy and make a statement. These products blend exotic spices and essential oils for a sophisticated scent that harkens back to the days of when real men were explorers and always kept a stiff upper lip with style.

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