Chicago Comb

At Merch2Rock, we are about more than just clothing. We know it takes more to make a statement, and that is why we also carry custom products for all tastes.

Stainless steel combs from the Chicago Comb Company are one of the many great products we offer. These high quality combs have a timeless, clean design that is just as comfortable to use as any other comb, but will make a bold statement. In a market that is flooded by mass produced plastic combs, aren’t you ready for a comb that is designed to last?

For Your Life and Your Business

Combs from the Chicago Comb Company are designed with two stellar finishes: matte and mirror. Each comb is individually finished to create a smooth piece that looks as professional as it is comfortable. While other comb manufacturers produce a standard and lackluster piece, these are well made and designed to provide decades of comfortable everyday use.

Beyond personal use, these combs can be custom engraved with a company's unique logo and design utilizing a special laser-etching processes that produces amazing results.

Customers who get their hands on a piece from the Chicago Comb Company quickly realize it is more than just an item to help take care of your hair—it’s a statement.

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