Dracula House - Werewolf Bites Fangs

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Authentic Dracula House - Both upper and lower fangs! A dynamite visual impression that will startle your friends and victims! Now belonging to our Custom Designer Fang family: Streamlined for comfort, and double chambered for superior anchoring! Custom Designer Werewolf Fangs, together with our exclusive patented Alpha One Thermoplastic application, give you partial plate fangs that don’t fall out, but can immediatley be taken in and out of your mouth.

Werewolf Bites Fangs

THE SECRET TO THE PERFECT  WEREWOLF LOOK is the patented non-toxic Alpha One Thermoplastic,  which allows you to make a quick and easy partial plate mold of your neighboring teeth to securely anchor your fangs in place  (no smelly or bad-tasting toxic chemicals involved, and the compound is completely re-moldable for a perfect fit!).

Once your mold is made you can repeatedly remove and replace your fangs as often as you wish!  Custom Designer Fangs anchor securely,  and do not fall out.   You have your own natural bite,  and do not have to bite down on the fang. They are easy to talk with,  and they look natural!  

Besides their superior wearability, YOU LOOK GREAT WITH THEM ON! They are marvelous Social Fangs for Social Events.

NOTE: Not for use if you have dental plates, wire work or wear braces!!

  • Made in the USA.
  • Partial Plate Will Not Fall Out, But Can Be Instantly Removed
  • Continuously Removable and Re-usable without Adhesives!
  • Incredibly Realistic Dental Enamel Color
  • Custom Formulated Alpha One(TM) Thermoplastic Makes into a Partial Plate for a Perfect Fit!
  • No Awful Smelling or Tasting Chemicals
  • No Mixing of Toxic Chemicals
  • Fangs When Properly Done Will Not Fall Out!
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