Hanz De Fuko

At Merch2Rock, we know our customers are original and demand original products. That is why we proudly bring you products determined to foster individuality like Hanz de Fuko hair products.

Hanz de Fuko was born in the heart of San Francisco from creative renegades eager to challenge the status quo of a hair care industry that is becoming all too corporate. Instead of following the trends, they came up with the concept of creating a line that celebrates the artist in each of us with original formulations for the one of a kind individual.

Let Hanz de Fuko’s hair products work with you along your journey.


Made with a touch of quicksand, this incredible, "clay-wax" hybrid provides super high-hold with ultimate pliability for achieving perfect, semi-matte hairstyles.

Hanz de Fuko’s high caliber claymation will always work with you, never against you. It contains best parts of your favorite sculpting clay combined with a blend of natural waxes for achieving spot on pompadours and creative works of hair art that last all day.


Hanz de Fuko’s lightweight, medium-hold formulation will keep your favorite classic look firmly in place with tremendous shine. It is completely water soluble, which means it’s softer and less greasy than its mineral oil predecessors, while still giving your hair smoothness and definition.