La Riche Directions 30 Vol Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

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La Riche Directions Bleah Hair Kit - 30 Volume. New 30 Volume Directions Hair Lightening Kit has been specially formulated to condition and help protect your hair while you lighten. Directions powder bleach contains added conditioning ingredients to help keep hair moisturised during the lightening process.....great for intense hair lightening!

Hair Bleach Kit

- 1 x Bottle of 30 volume (9%) cream peroxide 75 ML 2.5 FL
- 1 x Sachet of powder bleach 25 g 0.88oz
- 1 x Instruction leaflet
- 1 x Pair medium plactic gloves
- 1 x Mixing tray
- 1 x Applicator brush
- 1 x Development cap