Lockhart's Paradox Pomade 8oz

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Lockhart's Paradox Pomade 3.7 oz

Lockhart's Water Based Paradox Pomade is a firm holding water based pomade that has all day hold, high shine, and a fresh, complex fragrance some of you may already know and love called "Aqua Di Goon.” Paradox is a new take on the traditional water based pomade. It’s not orthodox, nor is it “unorthodox” it’s a paradox. Through several experiments over the past couple of years we have fine tuned the formula with a blend of natural ingredients and co-polymers to create a firm hold that remains flexible and doesn’t give you the crunch, or helmet head, that’s typically associated with “orthodox” water based pomades. The natural ingredients provide the hair with the nutrients needed to keep your hair strong and hydrated, instead of dry and brittle like other products currently available. Long story short, you’re going to get all the benefits of a traditional pomade with the convenience of a modern water based pomade

- Water Based
- Firm Hold
- Medium/High shine
- Shea Butter: Provides nutrients and shine to the hair.
- Avocado Oil: High fat content for extra moisturizing ability and high shine.
- Rosemary leaf extract: Stimulates hair follicles to keep blood flow strong.
- Natural beeswax: Provides hold and locks in moisture.
- 8 oz