Manic Panic 30 Vol Flash Lightning Bleach Kit

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Whether you are a professional hair stylist, or just a girl at home who wants to try out a new look, our Manic Panic 30 volume bleach kit can create a new style for less than ten bucks. Not all bleach kits are created equal. If you’ve ever had your hair turn a shade of orange that you didn’t anticipate, you know this is true. Manic Panic 30 volume bleach kit is formulated to give you dramatic results—dramatic and amazing. Once you try this bleach kit, you will never use anything else again.

You Get It All
One of the perks of our Manic Panic 30 volume bleach kit is it includes everything you need. No dashing out to the beauty supply store halfway through your treatment to grab a tint cup or brush. Instead, this kit includes the gloves, brush, mixing tub, plastic cap, powder, peroxide and instructions. Anything that you need to get your hair a lighter color is included.

Start Here
Our Manic Panic bleach kit is the perfect start to a whole new hairstyle. After you lighten up your hair with this bleach kit, your hair is ready for any color or virgin snow treatment. Be sure to test a strip of hair first, and then you are free to lighten up a section, or even your entire head of hair.

For less than ten dollars, we can ship out your bleach kit to you within just a few days. Have an entirely new look by the weekend!

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Pair Quality Gloves
  • NEW AND IMPROVED Tint brush
  • 1 Mixing tub
  • 1 Plastic cap
  • 1.0 ounces DUST FREE bleach powder
  • 3 ounces 30 volume peroxide
  • Complete step by step instructions.