Manic Panic Lipstick - Nosferatu

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Black Matte

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Enter the dark and mysterious tombs of Transylvania with Manic Panic Nosferatu lipstick. Black as your soul during a full moon and as soft as the lining of your coffin, this sumptuously ebony-colored lipstick will have Dracula drooling from his well-sharpened fangs.

Manic Panic Nosferatu offers a sultry, opaque-jet hue with a velvety texture. This matte shade is infused with antioxidants to keep your lips plump and biteable without any unappealing flaking. Plus, the long-lasting formula ensures your raven kisser will stay inkblot-fresh until the sun rises and sleep finally beckons. Now your evenings can be spent stalking your prey by moonlight, rather than reapplying your lip color.

With a bewitchingly beautiful diamond-etched case, Manic Panic Nosferatu is ladylike and lethal. And because Manic Panic is never tested on animals—only on celebrities—you can enjoy your luscious lip color without guilt.

From the demented minds of Manic Panic sisters Tish and Snooky, this punk goth dream lipstick is full of bold and cheeky color that lets your freak flag fly like a bat.

Secure your rightful crown as Queen of the Dead and pucker up with Manic Panic Nosferatu lipstick.

Authentic Manic Panic Lipstick - Nosferatu. Deep Black Lipstick With Sensually Rich Textures With A Long Lasting Formula


  • Deep Black Color Blended with sensually rich texture
  • This unique formula is long-wearing and contains antioxidants to soften lips
  • Smoldering shade that makes a dramatic impact
  • Made in USA