Manic Panic Lipstick - Tramp

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A favorite of goths, rockabillies, and pinup girls alike, Manic Panic Tramp lipstick brings a velvety, rich matte texture to your kisser. Pucker up with an eggplant colored lipstick that keeps you bewitching and enchanting.

Tramp is a deep hue of purple that makes a dramatic impact no matter where you are. This Manic Panic purple lipstick leaves no hue unturned, leading you down the path of color temptation. Leave predictable palettes behind with Tramp’s royal eggplant tone.

This lipstick has a buttery, semi-matte texture, which feels incredibly smooth as you apply. Plus, Manic Panic Tramp lipstick contains antioxidants to keep your lips as soft as possible. Forget drying and flaking; your lips will be silky and smooth. And with Manic Panic’s long-wearing formula, you’ll have deep color for hours without the need for a retouch.

Join the first generation punk rock revolution with sisters Tish and Snooky, who created the famous Manic Panic brand of lipsticks, hair dyes, and makeup in 1977. All Lethal Lipsticks come in a charming diamond-etched case to keep the glitz turned way up, even when your lipstick is sheathed.

It’s the 21st Century, so remember that you can be both lady and the tramp. Seduction is at your fingertips—and on your lips—with Manic Panic Tramp lipstick.

- Manic Panic Lipstick - Tramp
- A deep bloody Red Color
- The Perfect Color addition to any outfit
- Vegan Friendly
- Tested on Celebrities - Not Animals!