Manic Panic Metallic Lipstick - Hells Bells

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Rolling thunder, hurricane winds, lightning flashing across the sky: AC/DC was most definitely singing about Manic Panic Hells Bells lipstick. In a battleship gunmetal grey, this heavy metal hue is sure to loosen lips and sink ships.

This silver metallic lipstick goes on sheer but can be layered for a deeper, richer color. With a long-lasting formula, color stays fresh and vibrant. Don’t worry about reapplying; your lips will stay glitzy and steel grey all day.

With cruelty-free manufacturing, Manic Panic Hells Bells lipstick is tested on celebrities and never on animals. Even better? The specially formulated blend doesn’t dry out your lips, since its antioxidants keep your pucker supple and smooth. It’s light and moisturising, as if you’re wearing nothing at all on your lips. This is the silver metallic lipstick you’ll almost forget you have on.

Manic Panic, the famous punk-influenced brand that makes high-quality products for the alternative market, is for the experimental trend setter who wants to stand out. Join sisters Tish and Snooky on the countercultural journey to wild, fun, and never predictable fashion.

Whether you’re looking for robot-chic metallic or a disco-flavored silver, Manic Panic Hells Bells lipstick will keep you shiny and shimmering wherever the night might take you.

- Manic Panic Lipstick - HELLS BELLS
- A deep metallic grey / silver color
- The Perfect Color addition to any outfit
- Vegan Friendly
- Tested on Celebrities - Not Animals!