Manic Panic Opalescent Lipstick - Cobweb

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Weave a wicked web with Manic Panic Cobweb lipstick. Like a deadly spider waiting for her prey, your looks—and lips—will be deadly. Pucker up and get ready for your closeup.

The opaque base of this Manic Panic white lipstick is packed with pigment and a dash of opalescence that glitters and glints with a blue and purple hue when your lips catch the light. With a light, natural looking color, Cobweb has a shimmer that is a great addition to any outfit. Plus, it glides on like a charm and lasts all day!

This full coverage lipstick marries a light lip stain with moisturizer and antioxidants, offering the best in protection for your precious pucker. Perfect for dry weather, Manic Panic Cobweb lipstick helps you soothe chapped, dry, and cracked lips with deep, hydrating moisture. Enjoy a fresh, non-greasy feel for kissable, luscious lips.

With a rhinestone studded lip case, you can indulge in flawless glamour that’s elegant and highly portable. What’s more, Manic Panic is never tested on animals, only tested on celebrities. Your looks may be cruel, but your lipstick doesn’t have to be.

Pick Manic Panic Cobweb lipstick for an opalescent, long lasting sheen that’ll make your lips charming at every angle.

- Manic Panic Opalescent Lipstick - Cobweb
- A deep burgundy color
- The Perfect Color addition to any outfit
- Vegan Friendly
- Tested on Celebrities - Not Animals!