Sparks Long Lasting Semi-Permanent Hair dye Color

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Been jonesing to give someone a cavity with your cotton candy locks? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of a Poison Ivy-inspired ‘do to make your friends green with envy. Up your hair’s intensity with Sparks hair dye, a long-lasting semi-permanent hair dye.

With ten supernatural colors, you can create your own unique combinations to stand out in a crowd. Sparks hair dye is highly pigmented, giving you bright color that’s vivid longer than other temporary dyes on the market. Sick of your color fading after just a few weeks? This long-lasting semi-permanent hair dye is the solution. Color lasts for up to three months, keeping your blues brilliant and your reds radiant.

Need more reasons to try Sparks hair dye? It’s vegan and never tested on animals, so your hair can look good while the puppies and rabbits stay safe and sound. And it’s always made in the USA, keeping your new, funky hair color awesome and patriotic all at once.

Application is quick and easy, using a direct dye that doesn’t need any developer. You just need twenty minutes on blonde or bleached hair. There’s no sitting around for hours or dripping all over your apartment.

Ignite your new look with colors that demand attention. Vibrant, strong, and long-lasting, Sparks is the perfect way to light a fire of fashion on your locks.

Sparks Long Lasting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Color.

Hair Dye Color

- Lasts 3 Months, depending on porosity of hair.
- Made from vegan ingredients and not tested on animals
- 3 Oz Bottle
- Made in USA