Taylor Of Old Bond Street

When deciding what brands to carry, Merch2Rock doesn’t bring in any product. We want to make sure every brand is high caliber to help you cultivate a high quality look.

To get a high quality shave, you can rely on the history and natural extracts found in Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving creams. Since its founding, this brand has epitomized classic British style and understated reliability. Each Taylor product is manufactured and designed to meet the highest standards, so you will get a great shave every time.

A Long History of Fine Products

For more than 150 years people have come to know—and celebrate—the products of Taylor of Old Bond Street. The most popular of these, the Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving creams, are available in a selection of fragrances and create a creamy lather while protecting and moisturizing the skin to give a better shave.

What makes the brand stand out is the luxurious feeling men experience. The cream’s lathering ability dramatically reduces friction, hydrates and softens skin, and has staying power beyond a shower with a pleasant scent that is not too heavy or smoky.

Get a barbershop quality shave without having to make the trip with Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving creams.

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