Are you a boxers or briefs kind of man? Unless you’re still in middle school, we’d say boxers are the safe assumption. That and you’re on this webpage. Good assumption.

                                                        That being said, it’s a good thing that you’re a boxers man because they’re much better for your...manliness. A recent study showed that because of “insert important scientific fact,” boxers are better suited to your body for health reasons we won’t get into. However with the comfort of boxers over, say, a fitted boxer like BR4SS fitted boxers, comes an annoying consequence: riding up.

                                                        It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing skinny jeans or basketball shorts, boxers will find a way to sneak up your leg, causing embarrassing and uncomfortable bunching. Try to wiggle it down on a chair, even shaking your leg won’t work. You’re left to stuff your arm down your pants to unjumble the juncture, but trust us, that’s not what it looks like you’re doing.

                                                        Luckily, modern technology is quite the marvel with some of the most economical inventions known to man. The iPhone, Flaming Hot® Cheetos®, and the fitted boxer. 

                                                        Bunches Be Gone!

                                                        We’re not joking—think about it. You no longer have to discretely try to unravel your undies or find a private place to battle it out. With our brands like BR4SS fitted boxers, your undergarments stay in place. They’re more supportive than regular boxers and don’t ride up, but they’re also less restrictive than boxer briefs. If ever a middle ground was met, it was here.

                                                        With a thick, stay-put waistband, our underwear makes the perfect fit. Jump, bike, flip, schmooze, land a business proposal and look dashing while doing it. Do it all, and do it with your arms in their proper place: outside of your pants.

                                                        Not Your Average “Tighty Whities”

                                                        Our BR4SS fitted boxers and other underwear come in more colors and patterns than you can get dates in a week. We’re not talking mundane black and navy undies that you run through by the dozen. We’re talking vivid solids with bright, eye-catching bands. Patterns with tigers and galaxies. Your unmentionables won’t be so unmentionable anymore.

                                                        There’s something about wearing fun boxers that puts a swagger in your stride. It’s an air of confidence others will notice and an ability not to sweat the small things because you’ve got a fun secret beneath that waistband, and it’s not riding up on you either. And if someone happens to see them (you know what we mean) they’ll know you’re no average Joe Boxer, but a man with an unconventional side. A man who’s going places and is going to have a little fun along the way. Get your swagger on with your new favorite pair of BR4SS fitted boxers.