When it comes to living like a rockstar, you’ve got to feel like one. It’s important for any rock fan to have the ultimate collection of  memorabilia, and what’s a rockstar without their lighter? At Merch2Rock, we understand the importance of having your own band Zippo lighter, so we strive to offer a wide variety of the most hardcore Zippos.

Our Zippo lighter collection includes a variety like the Sons of Anarchy Zippo lighter, movie Zippo lighters, and skull Zippo lighters. If you’re a music fan, we also offer a wide collection of band Zippo lighters that add some authentic rock flair to your personal style.  At Merch2Rock, it’s our priority to make our customers look and feel like the rockstars they truly are. Start your rock journey by checking out some of the lighters listed below.

Sons of Anarchy Zippo Lighters

Want to feel like you’ve joined Jax’s motorcycle gang? Look no further than Merch2Rock’s selection of Sons of Anarchy Zippo lighters. We’ve got versions that fit every rock personality.  Each lighter features a unique grim reaper design, including, but not limited to, the Custom Anarchy Reaper Logo, the Fear Reaper, and the USA Reaper.  If you’re looking for something different, we also offer a traditional Men of Samcro Zippo lighter, featuring the faces of the Sons of Anarchy characters. Regardless of the design, each Sons of Anarchy Zippo lighter is officially licensed and comes with a black matte finish.

Movie Zippo Lighters

If you’re a film buff looking for a Zippo lighter, look no further. Merch2Rock offers a wide selection of Zippo lighters with designs inspired from some of the most classic and beloved movies. Whether you’re a fan of Bruce Lee, Star Trek, or The Blues Brothers, we’ve got the film-inspired lighter for you. These lighters make great gifts for any of your movie-loving friends, so be sure to check out the collection and find the perfect fit.

Band Zippo Lighters

True music lovers appreciate a great Zippo. That’s why we provide a wide array of band Zippo lighters featuring the logos of some of history’s biggest and best rock legends. Our collection of band Zippo lighters includes the logos of The Rolling Stones, Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and many more.

Skull Zippo Lighters

Nothing says rock ‘n roll like a skull Zippo lighter. Our skull Zippo lighters are classic and cool, coming in a variety of designs to fit your rock personality. With lighters featuring the logos of the flaming skull reaper and the industrial skull top hat, you’re sure to find the perfect skull lighter for your Zippo collection.

The Zippo Promise

All of Merch2Rock’s lighters are authentic Zippos, and come with the world famous Zippo guarantee. In addition, the lighters are all officially licensed and come with either brass, metallic, or black matte finishes.

With such a wide selection of Zippo lighters, you’re sure to find something perfect for your individual taste. Don’t miss out on your Zippo, and check out Merch2Rock’s selection today!

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