Keychains And Lanyards

                                                        Merch2Rock offers a variety of items from quality brands featuring iconic images and logos. Keychains and lanyards are a great way to subtly express your interests. You probably can’t wear a Darth Vader T-shirt to work, but you definitely can add a Star Wars keychain to your keys!

                                                        There’s is something for everyone in our collection of keychains and lanyards. We have items for die-hard cult classic fans, music junkies, and gamers. This includes officially licensed items from your favorite movie, TV show, video game, or band, as well as functional pieces from some of our leading brands.

                                                        Take a look at some of the keychains and lanyards available at Merch2Rock:

                                                        TV and Movie Keychains

                                                        TV shows and movies can be a great escape from our normal lives. Be reminded of your favorite dream world every time you grab your keys! Merch2Rock has a great collection of keychains from some of the most popular and timeless movies and shows. Chat with the Mini Talking Red Dalek Plush Dr. Who Keychain Toy or show what a true Walking Dead fan you are with our original comic book logo keychains. Merch2Rock’s variety of TV and movie keychains include just about every genre, from Sons of Anarchy to The Big Bang Theory, Jaws to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and even My Little Pony!

                                                        Music Keychains

                                                        What better way to show your love and devotion to your favorite band than on your keys? Merch2Rock has tons of great rock ‘n roll merchandise; it’s even in our name! Rock logo keychains from Iron Maiden to Depeche Mode, or if hair metal is your thing, add our Van Halen Keychain, featuring Eddie Van Halen’s iconic guitar, to your set of keys! Instead of waiting in a long merch line at the next concert, get your hard rocking keychains from Merch2Rock.

                                                        Game Keychains and Lanyards

                                                        Nothing solidifies true gamer status like owning merchandise from your favorite game! But if t-shirts and backpacks are a little too much for you (or if you already own them) go for a gamer lanyard or keychain! Want to show off your love for the unique 3D world of Minecraft? Check out our cool Pickaxe Minecraft Keychain.

                                                        Other Keychains and Lanyards

                                                        There are plenty of other keychains and lanyards to choose from featuring our best brands. Need something cool to keep your keys or ID accessible? The Famous Stars & Straps Lanyard features the Jeremy Stenberg Represent logo. Want even more functionality out of your keychain? UNIT has a Bottle Opener Keychain featuring the “Brotherhood of Riders” logo.

                                                        If you’re looking for something fun to put a little cool into your everyday life, grab one of the keychains or lanyards available online from Merch2Rock!