Many products sold at Merch2Rock tend to be targeted toward one interest group. However, when it comes to our collection of socks and shoes, there really is something for everyone! Guys, girls, and even kids are sure to find a pair that speaks to them.

                                                        From comic book icons to entertainment favorites, Merch2Rock has the socks you never knew you needed. Want to find out if we really have something for everyone in our footwear collection? Take a look at our fun assortment of socks and shoes and discover the pair you’ve been missing:

                                                        Superhero Socks

                                                        Our biggest category of socks falls under the comic book variety. We have socks featuring some of your favorite Marvel and DC characters for men and women, and even some for little superheroes in training! For a little something extra, go for our superhero socks with capes! Available in knee, crew, and even thigh high styles, these socks feature a small but mighty cape on the back that will help you take flight!

                                                        TV and Movie Socks

                                                        What better way to show love for your favorite show or movie than with your feet? Our collection of licensed socks features timeless characters and images for sock wearers of all ages. For our Harry Potter fanatics, we have socks showing house pride for Gryffindor and Slytherin. We have Spock socks for the Trekkies (and Trekkers) out there, Sons of Anarchy socks for the motorcycle club, and even My Little Pony socks for the young and young at heart!

                                                        Brand Socks

                                                        Merch2Rock offers clothing items, accessories, and more from a variety of quality, hard rocking, ultra cool brands. Our sock collection features crew, knee, and ankle styles from Felon, Sullen Lucky 13, Fatal, and Metal Mulisha. And unlike other name brands, who only feature their brand logo and name, these socks have a little extra cool, including skulls, anchors, and even a strapped on dagger design, like these Metal Mulisha Socks!

                                                        Other Socks and Shoes

                                                        We said we had socks and shoes for everyone didn’t we? For the ladies who like a little feminine touch with their punk-ish look, we have something for you. We offer a variety of edgy knee socks featuring fun patterns like bowed skulls, bats, and leopard print! In addition to our vast assortment of socks, we sell shoes as well! One of our coolest items is our pair of Van Halen High Top Sneakers featuring the exclusive red, black, and white striped design made famous by Eddie Van Halen.

                                                        From Hogwarts house socks to Superman cape socks, Merch2Rock has the coolest collection of footwear you can find! Get all these must-have socks and shoes at