Patches may seem old school to some, but they are a tried and true way of expressing yourself that has spanned decades. From rock fans to motorcycle riders, patches are easy and inexpensive ways to add a little something extra to your favorite clothing item or accessory. Maybe you want to adorn your backpack or messenger bag with patches of your favorite bands. Or maybe you want your leather jacket to make a bigger statement with intimidating motorcycling patches.

No matter how you want to express yourself, Merch2Rock has the patches you need. From favorite bands to quality brands, check out our collection of patches:

Lucky 13 Patches

One of our biggest brand of patches comes from Lucky 13. This American clothing and accessory brand inspired by rock ‘n roll, tattoo art, hot rod racing, and motorcycle culture. As for their patches, expect some of their classic logos as well as killer skeletons and skulls, speeding motorcycles and wheels, and even a creepy cool shrunken head! If you love to ride or love to rock, you will love the patches from Lucky 13!

Sons of Anarchy Patches

We know that some TV shows are more than entertainment, they’re a way of life! That’s how fans of Sons of Anarchy feel about their favorite show and that’s why Merch2Rock offers a variety of SOA products and merchandise. Feel like you’re really part of SAMCRO with patches featuring the iconic Sons of Anarchy Grim Reaper logo. Whether you ride or just wish you could, a Sons of Anarchy patch will look awesome on your motorcycle jacket and accessories.

Band Patches

You love to rock, and rock hard. So why not add a patch of your favorite band to your collection? We have metal band patches, including Darkthrone, Iron Maiden, Death, Bathory, and Slayer. And for you punk fans, we have patches featuring The Adolescents, Bad Religion, and Dropkick Murphys. Music fans have shown love for their favorite bands with patches for decades, going back to the early days of CBGB and denim vests. Boast your heavy metal or punk rock taste with one of Merch2Rock’s band patches, like this Iron Maiden patch, featuring Eddie the Trooper!

Other Patches

If you don’t have a favorite band or love to ride, don’t worry. Merch2Rock has tons of more patches and there is bound to be one you’ll want to sew or iron onto your clothes or accessories! We have patches from more of our favorite brands, including Felon and Sullen. We also have several generic patches from Impact featuring edgy icons and logos. Use these patches to fill in those gaps or as the primary focal point!

From Sullen to Slayer, patches are a great way to add personality to any piece of clothing or accessory. To see our entire collection of patches, visit our website at!