Doctor Who Toy Figures and More

                                                        When it comes to the best rock ‘n roll toys, Merch2Rock has got you covered. We believe in providing a superior selection of hard to find rock merchandise. Our line of rock ‘n roll toys is perfect for children and adults alike, offering classics from some of your favorite bands, artists, and television shows.

                                                        Our products include, but are not limited to, Doctor Who toy figures and Doctor Who keychains,plush toys, and many others. Whether you’re shopping for your kid or inner child, you’ll find something perfect within Merch2Rock’s massive collection of rock ‘n roll toys.

                                                        Doctor Who Collection - Doctor Who Toy Figures and Keychains

                                                        Doctor Who has quickly become one of the most popular television shows, so it’s no surprise that hardcore fans long to increase their collection of Doctor Who memorabilia. That’s why Merch2Rock offers various Doctor Who toy figures and keychains. Complete your Doctor Who collection with your very own Sonic Screwdriver. Don’t be fooled, these Sonic Screwdrivers are unlike anything you would find in a hardware store. Have something specific in mind? No worries! Our collection of Sonic Screwdrivers comes in a variety of styles depending on the Doctor Who season they originated from. Most of these screwdrivers feature sound and light effects, completing this amazing Doctor Who experience.

                                                        In addition the Doctor Who toy figures, we offer Doctor Who keychains that are perfect for the hardcore fan. Our Talking Red Talek toy is certainly a crowd pleaser and looks great on any set of keys. If you’re really looking to up your Doctor Who collection, check out some of our Doctor Who t-shirts, blankets, and towels available through the Merch2Rock website.

                                                        Plush Toys

                                                        Plush toys are comfortable and cozy, making them an excellent option for any child or child at heart. Kids will love these cuddly plush toys in their play or bedroom, and you’ll find your little rockstar dragging their new plushy friend around everywhere. But these plush toys aren’t just for kids; many of Merch2Rock’s plush animals are collectibles. Our plush toy collection includes the Doctor Who Adipose and the DeadMaus red mouse. Whether shopping for yourself or a little one, search our plush collection and bring home your new rock ‘n roll friend.

                                                        Toys for Kids of All Ages

                                                        When it comes to toys, Merch2Rock understands that they are not just for kids. Many adults love to collect various television show and music memorabilia. That’s why we believe in offering only the best products that adhere to our vision of a rock ‘n roll lifestyle. In addition, all of our toy products are officially licensed, so you can be sure that you’re bringing home authentic merchandise.

                                                        And that’s just the beginning! To explore more of the Merch2Rock collection, including clothing and accessories, visit our website today.