It doesn’t matter if you’re a punk, a hipster, a rockabilly, a scene kid, or anything in between. An awesome hairstyle is necessary to complete your kick-ass alternative look. Our hair product collection contains everything you need to achieve the look of your dreams. Rock an old-fashioned greaser look with our collection of fine pomades, or sport Manic Panic hair color in Infra Red at your next social gathering.

                                                        Manic Panic Hair Color: Creating Wild and Wonderful Hair Since 1977

                                                        Sisters Tish and Snooky, the creators of Manic Panic, turned their line of brightly-colored hair dyes into an empire. These days, the brand is considered iconic in the world of alternative fashion. It’s been used and recommended by famous actors and actresses, well-known musicians, and a variety of popular online personalities.

                                                        Manic Panic hair dye is free of gluten, PPD (p-Phenylenediamine), and all animal products. It’s also cruelty-free, making it safe for vegetarians and vegans. Like many of our fine products, it’s made in the United States, because Merch2Rock believes in supporting our local economy.

                                                        The Manic Panic hair color line offers an expansive rainbow of beautiful shades, and we carry all of the most popular Manic Panic hair color choices here at Merch2Rock!

                                                        Manic Panic Bleach Kit: Two Varieties of Bleach to Choose From

                                                        If your natural hair color is dark and you’d like to end up with a bright Manic Panic hair color, you’re going to have to get used to the bleaching process. Our Manic Panic bleach kit comes in 30 and 40 volume strength, which allows you to have control over the quickness and intensity of the color lift.

                                                        Here are a few tips on using bleach:

                                                        • Be sure to follow the instructions! Bleach is an awesome thing, but it can seriously mess up your hair when used incorrectly.
                                                        • Bleaching over the course of several days or even weeks is much healthier on your hair than attempting to go from black to blonde in one try. Be patient! Going platinum is a process.
                                                        • You will need to get your hair to a light-blonde color in order to make Manic Panic temporary hair dye turn out beautifully vivid on your hair.
                                                        • 40 volume bleach is best for dark and thick hair. It’s the strongest form of bleach available. When you put 40 volume bleach on your hair, the color will lift very quickly, which means you will need to keep a constant eye on it during the process.

                                                        Manic Panic Wigs: Alternative Hair Without the Commitment

                                                        If you want to rock your locks but don’t want to alter your natural hair, you’re in luck. We carry Manic Panic wigs and clip-in extensions for that effortless alternative look.

                                                        Manic Panic Synthetic Glam Strips allow you to clip in as many streaks of bright color as you’d like. They come in many different lengths and shades, giving you the freedom to jazz up your look for a special event without having to commit to a bold hair color for the next month or two. Many people love bright hair colors but aren’t allowed to wear them at work. For them, Manic Panic Glam Strips provide a solution.

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