If you find yourself obsessing over your hair while out in public, it may be time to invest in a trusty, portable hair comb. Whether you take pride in rocking a rebellious hairdo with plenty of lift, or want to maintain a more sleek, refined style throughout the day, you’re sure to find the perfect hair comb to suit your specific needs here at Merch2Rock. We carry an affordable selection of high-quality switchblade combs to help tame unruly hair.

The History of Switch Combs

Back in the days following World War II, the stiletto switchblade knife became a popular accessory here in the U.S. This knife was distinguished by its thin blade and sharp tip. Once the 1950s era came along, the switchblade knife was associated with delinquent crimes, making it a substantial danger to public safety.

Meanwhile, a new “pompadour” hairstyle was becoming increasingly popular among the nation’s rebellious youth. Decked out in black leather jackets, young men would make a bold statement in society with this heavily-gelled hairdo. In order to keep this sleek style intact at all times, many of these men started to carry switch combs in their pockets.

Taming Hair On-The-Go

Our Suavecito switchblade comb serves as the perfect novelty gift item, bringing back the nostalgic greaser or rockabilly feel from the ‘50s. Switch combs are no longer seen as threats or violent weapons, and many people may even choose to buy them to accentuate a retro costume. As a result, these edgy combs are popping up at novelty stores and costume shops across the country, and are quickly becoming a popular, must-have accessory for managing hair on-the-go.

Here at Merch2Rock, we realize that not all hair-conscious customers are into the edgy, rebellious style. Some people just want a simple, practical pocket comb that can easily fit into their back pocket. That’s why we also offer a deluxe uppercut comb, perfect for managing stubborn strands of tangled hair. Designed with fine teeth, this comb will ensure that hair stays smooth and sleek throughout the day.

Adding Lift to Limp Hair

If you’re into pop culture these days, you’ve definitely noticed that many popular male celebrities are sporting quiffs. One Direction, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars are just a few examples of various singing sensations that have become hip to this trendy, badboy hairdo. Now that the 50s rockabilly style is making its mark on the youth culture once again, more people are catching on to the look.

Nevertheless, achieving this desirable look may be harder than it seems. With the help of an uppercut quiff roller comb from Merch2Rock, adding lift to your quiff has never been easier. This handy roller comb is the perfect pick for bringing limp hair back to life.

Take Control of Unruly Hair Today

Stop wasting time worrying about messy hair! By investing in a dependable hair comb from Merch2Rock, you can rest assured that your hair will always look presentable when you’re on-the-go.

Whether you’re searching for popular accessories or unique graphic tees, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality, affordable items to choose from. Be sure to check out our online store to discover all the rockin’ products we carry!