4 Pack CRAZY COLOR Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

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Engage in hairstyle shock and awe with this 4-pack of Crazy Color semi-permanent dye. Switch your hair color as often as you change your sheets with this multi-pack explosion of color.

Want hot purple à la Katy Perry? Choose Violetta for a burst of amethyst. Or maybe you’re feeling a Snookie kind of red? Cyclamen has you covered with its deep garnet hue. Rock the smurf or Cookie Monster blue with Peacock. Crazy Colors offers over 25 colors, from Bubble Gum Pink to Silver to Orange. Pick the vibrant Crazy Color temporary hair dye that matches your mood and your unique style.

In an iconic pink 100 ml bottle, Crazy Color hair dye channels your self-expression into a hair masterpiece. Plus, with a 2-6 week color window, you can play with every shade of the wild rainbow. Add highlights for a subtle stroke of color, dye your tips for bold contrast, or add color all over. Your hair is your canvas. Make Crazy Color semi-permanent dye your paints and go Banksy.

Launched in 1977 during the height of punk rock, Crazy Color is a UK-based company that has grown worldwide and has a loyal cult following. Join the hair nation and rock your locks with colors that will make your eyes pop.