At Merch2Rock, we’re in the business of giving you what you want! We’ve got a gnarly selection of heavy metal beanies that fit firm, perfect for boarders, breakdancers, and everyone who’s busting a move. If you’d rather play it loose, then our slouchy selections are going to fit your bill nicely.

Slouch beanies have soft folds of extra material that will give you that classic, laidback look. You know, less “all business” and more casual. They send the message to those around you that your head isn’t going to be tied down, and you are just a wee bit more yourself when relaxed.

We’ve got heavy metal beanies that roll up and down, allowing you to customize your coverage. Just touching the ears might be right if you want to catch some low-volume acoustic music, though full roll-down coverage is definitely recommended for Vulcan visitors AWOL from Starfleet property. 

Laplanders, Anyone?

If you “come from the land of the ice and snow / from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow,” you’ve already aced this section. Those of us south of the Arctic Circle also love those ear-warming wonders Laplanders are known for.

Baby it can be cold outside, but you’ll be perfectly chill in one of these beauties. No matter how hard that cold wind blows, they will stay in place.

Up Your Altitude with Poms

Our pom heavy metal beanies have big soft poms on top that are easy to grip for quick take offs and put ons. They also provide an extra inch or two to help you stick out from the crowd. This can be a really crucial advantage if you’re waiting in line for the ticket window to open and hope friends can find you, or if you’re shouting, “Pick me! Pick me!” when members of the audience are invited to get down on stage. Just wearing our pom band beanies can give you some extra inches of confidence. Try them and see!

Beanie Who You Want to Be

If you want a quick and fun way to express your individuality, then you can’t beat our heavy metal beanies. (We wouldn’t let you anyway, they’re a protected species of rock merchandise.) Some of our recent BSBBs (Best Selling Band Beanies) include the Minesweeper Creeper Face, the Nirvana smiley face, and a Lucky 13 Triumph Beanie with a ghostly white skull and crossbones.  

We’ve got lots more in our online store and cool, new styles are arriving all the time. Check out our great selection of heavy metal beanies!