By Vilain

For guys who have some crazy hair to tame, or the ones looking for a product that will hold a rad hair style, By Vilain products are everything that you’ve been looking for that you can’t find at your average store. By Vilain pomade has a strong hold without the gross goopy mess that some other brands leave you stuck with. There are different types of products depending on different types of hair and styles that you’re looking to conquer.

The By Vilain Dynamite Clay is great for all day style control and a strong hold, and it comes in a 2.2 oz container. For thicker or longer hair, or a style that requires some extreme hair product hardwear, check out the By Vilain Gold Digger Wax that gives you an extreme hold with a matte finish instead of that super glossy or flakey look.

If you want a look that requires extreme hold and just a little bit of shine, than the By Vilain Silver Fox Wax is the product for you. Like all of the By Vilain pomade products, it also offers all day style control and comes in a 2.2 oz container. No matter if you’re styling for the office or the scene, you need one of the pomades to get that look you want to achieve!