Crazy Color

It’s kind of like an itch. You look in the mirror, and you just need it. You need something to be different. Something to be more fun or funky. More wild, more you. Piercings are too permanent and makeup too temporary. It clicks—your hair.

It’s the perfect amount of permanence and it’s one of those things that defines your unique style. Unlike a tattoo, if you mess up, it grows back and is easily fixed. But what to do with it…

Brown is so...brown. Blonde mainstream. Red, well, red can be fun in the right shade on the right skin tone. But you want more. And we have just the product for just this moment. Crazy Colors Hair Dye. It’s the perfect way to change up your look for a satisfactory amount of time. And because it’s semi-permanent, it washes out so you can continually change your color without waiting for all of it to grow out.

Change Your Hair Like You Change Your Outfits

You change your outfit everyday, so why not mix your hair up once in a while? Anyone can go with a normal box of color from the drugstore, but your itch is much harder to scratch. You want a head-turning color that speaks to who you are. You’re loud and in charge of your life, and you have tons of fun while you’re at it. You swim against the mainstream and beat your own rhythm in life. Your clothes are as big as your personality, which matches your confidence. The icing on the cake is your hair, and you want it to accentuate the boldness you live life with.

Crazy Colors Hair Dye says it all. The vivid color is bright as your charisma that explodes onto the scene. It’s the hair that announces your coming and solidifies your arrival. This little tube is just what you need to kick that itch.

Enhance Your Hair Without Damage

Crazy Color has been around since 1977, right in the heart of the punk rock invasion. That it’s still around today is a testament to the endurance, quality and timeless affordability of the brand. All are reasons we carry it. We also endorse them because of brilliance it gives you from a bottle. Crazy Colors Hair Dye:

  • Lasts 3-6 weeks
  • Reacts most vividly with bleached or pre-lightened hair
  • Is sold worldwide

It washes out with time, so you can keep reapplying, change up the color or even go back to your previous color. It’s change without the commitment.

It’s time that our hair caught up with our personality. We don’t want to blend in, we want to make a statement. With Crazy Colors Hair Dye we can finally show off our individuality from head to two and look amazing doing it.