Deadmau5 (pronounced Dead Mouse) was founded by Joel Thomas Zimmerman in 2005. He is a Canadian electro/progressive house producer. Zimmerman performs in a large mouse head he first designed in a 3D program. This bright colored costume is known as the "Mau5head." This head has been present on almost all the deadmau5 album covers. The name deadmau5 originated when a dead mouse was found inside Zimmerman's computer when he was changing the sound card. The deadmau5 sound covers many genres of the music scene. This include: electronica, neo-trance, progressive house, electro house, and dubstep. Zimmerman was the house DJ on the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards as well as the MTV Push artist of the week on August 16, 2010. Deadmau5 has won eleven awards since formation and has been nominated for 19. Deadmau5 has had seven studio albums. The albums follow: Circa 1998-2004 (2005), Get Scraped (2005), A Little Oblique (2006), Vexillology (2006), Random Album Title (2008), For Lack of a Better Name (2009), and 4x4=12 (2010). Many of deadmau5 songs have been featured in movies as well as television. 'Some Chords' was featured on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Zimmerman also appeared as a guest star on that episode. 'Sofi Needs a Ladder' was featured in the movie The Hangover Part II. 'Ghosts N Stuff' was featured on the soundtrack of the MTV reality season Jersey Shore. Deadmau5 is also an avatar on the video game DJ Hero 2. A radio station has been dedicated to him in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Zimmerman can be seen in his Mau5head currently on his worldwide tour.