Falling In Reverse

Falling in Reverse started rocking you hard when their debut album, The Drug in Me Is You, hit in 2011, and they never looked back. Lead singer and frontman Ronnie Radke, lead guitarist Jacky Vincent, drummer Ryan Seaman, and rhythm guitarist Derek Jones have shredded their way up the charts and into their third album, Just Like You, in early 2015.

Punk Rock Swagger

Known for their fast, punk style that goes all in, Radke and company have reminded America what real rock and roll is like, and they haven’t stopped bringing it. Radke sings the song of all the self-diagnosed rebels that live to party and can’t slow down. Guys like you? Maybe. If you slide into a Falling in Reverse t-shirt it will be hard to argue otherwise, and maybe you don’t want to. Maybe that is just who you are, so stop avoiding it. We ship top quality Falling in Reverse t-shirts to wherever you are living your rollercoaster life, as long as you have an address that USPS or FedEx can find.

Don’t worry about the order either, if it’s not straight we have a thirty day guarantee against whatever insanity might go down. Your shirt is made from proper cotton and inks, you can wash it and wear this killer swag again and again. There are Falling in Reverse t-shirts from each of the three album covers, The Drug in Me Is You, Fashionably Late, and the newly released Just Like You. We also have several tees with the iconic lips logo that say a mouthful. Decide which one you want and get your shirt now.

Even More Falling in Reverse Merch

We have other gear from your favorite band. If it’s cold out, rock a hoodie, if it’s sunny, don the snapback. Girls, we have some hot women’s stuff, since Radke’s biggest fans are the ladies without a doubt. Let everyone know that you are Ronnie’s girl and send the message to shy Momma’s boys not to bother.

Don’t pass up the iphone cases, those are a must, with a picture of Ronnie or the lips logo. You know a real rock band when you hear one. Falling in Reverse is not a jazzy art experiment, this is real rock for those who live fast and hard. Leave your mark on life, and give them a chance to see what’s coming when you put on a Falling in Reverse t-shirt. So stop squirming and order your new favorite piece of merch.