We love the smell of fresh ink in the morning. It smells like victory. It costs you hours under the needle, but each prick of pain was like winning a battle on the road to your beautiful new tattoo. It’s not just art, it’s a badge of honor. But as good as that new tat is, that fresh ink can burn like a fire from the seventh ring of hell. You want to keep the brilliance of your new tattoo, but squelch the fire.

H2Ocean tattoo ointment, care kits, and moisturizers can help you to affordably optimize the colors, longevity, and quality of your tattoo. We know it was an investment in your body, so make sure your tattoo lasts a lifetime.

Fresh and Natural

Whether it’s your first tattoo or your hundredth, tattoo care is the most important step in the art of tattooing. H2Ocean’s products, like H2Ocean tattoo ointment, are all natural from the earth’s most gentle ingredients. Some are even vegan friendly and gluten free. Your new tattoo is like a new baby, and it needs just as much tender loving care. We use ingredients like sea salt and natural enzymes to care for your ink and skin. It’s safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and some of our products are hypoallergenic.

Care From A-Z

We have products for every stage of getting a tattoo. From pain relieving soap that helps you sit more comfortably during a session while also disinfecting your skin to mouthwash. Our mouthwash is safe for all ages and helps heal mouth injuries from canker sores to piercings. But one of our favorite products is H2Ocean tattoo ointment.

This ointment is the world’s gift to fresh tattoos, and don’t get turned off by the word “ointment.” It’s basically a moisturizer that promotes healing with no smelly mess. Like our other tattoo products, it protects and moisturizes to keep your skin from drying, cracking, breaking out, and peeling for optimal healing. It also has anti-aging ingredients, which you may not care about now, but you’ll thank us for later. All of our tattoo products helps to lock in your ink and keep it fresh for years all while it cleanses your skin.

Best Skin for the Best Tattoo

From sunscreens, moisturizers, aftercare sprays, and creams to nasal sprays, mouthwashes, and soaps, H2Ocean has amazing, natural skin and personal care products whether you have a tattoo, piercing or not. Free from harsh chemicals, scents, and dyes, your skin will glow from within. This ocean based brand brings the goodness of the sea into your body through products like H2Ocean tattoo ointment and more. Unleash your skin, body, and tattoo’s full potential with H2Ocean.