Lucky 13

Lucky 13 is an American clothing and accessory company that originated from the Orange County area in California. Founded in 1991, the company’s signature style features a blend of rockabilly, punk rock and old-fashioned pinup girl looks. Much of the Lucky 13 clothing line is inspired by rock and roll, tattoo art, guitars, hot-rod racing and motorcycle culture. They are even currently producing motorcycle helmets and other  riding accessories.

Merch2Rock: Lucky 13 Shirts at an Affordable Price

Lucky 13 is an international brand with a great reputation, which encourages some retailers to hike up the price. At Merch2Rock, we believe it’s our duty to provide a source for awesome clothing at prices that regular people can afford. If you see Lucky 13 t-shirts that you love, we don’t want you to have to save up your hard-earned money for weeks to buy them. Instead, get the shirts you want today—at an unbelievable price! You would pay at least twice as much for these shirts at certain other retailers.

Lucky 13 Shirts, Accessories and More

Lucky 13 is known for clothing, but the company also makes many other novelty items and fashion accessories. Here at Merch2Rock, we carry a huge selection of Lucky 13 accessories, including key chains, wallets, ashtrays, stickers, socks and more. Since you’ll be saving so much money on your Lucky 13 shirts, why not pick up a few awesome accessories to complete your look?

Brand-Name Hair Care for the Serious Rockabilly Enthusiast

If you’re into the rockabilly or hot-rod look, you already know that your hair is one of your most important accessories. Having great hair makes you feel and come across more confident, and whether you use that confidence to get your dream girl or land your next music gig, it will surely take you far! Here at Merch2Rock, we carry tons of Lucky 13 hair accessories that can aid you in creating that pin-up girl look. If you’re a guy, the pomades will help give you that slicked-back appearance you’re aiming for.

High-Quality Clothing You Can Trust: Lucky 13 Shirts

Here at Merch2Rock, we are proud to only feature brands that have earned a reputation for quality. Lucky 13 apparel definitely fits within that category. After 20 years in the business, the company has proven its ability to make fashionable street clothing that speaks to their customer base. If you love going against the grain and wearing things that don’t necessarily conform to the latest drab styles and trends, then Lucky 13 is the brand for you. Individuality and freedom are what make America great, so crack open a cold beer, put on some rock and roll, and start shopping!

We hope you enjoy our collection of Lucky 13 shirts. If you have any questions, or you are looking for a specific Lucky 13 item that you don’t see within our inventory, please contact us today. Customer service is our biggest priority, and we will work hard to ensure you end up happy with your purchases. Thanks for shopping at Merch2Rock!