Mindcraft is an independent video, building game when one uses sand from a sandbox to construct. "Notch" aka Markus Persson of Sweden created this 3D block construction game. The alpha version was released May 17, 2009. The beta version was released December 20, 2010. The full version pc game was released on November 18, 2011. However the Xbox version has been delayed until sometime in 2012. The game itself is centered on building creative constructions from textured cubes. The game has three types of play. One mode is Survival. During this type of play one must stay healthy as well as not starve. During the nighttime monsters surface so you must have shelter and/or weapons in order to survive. If your shelter consists of a cave dwelling then beware as monsters come out of all dark regions as well. A second way to play this game is in Creative mode. In this area of play you have unlimited health, hunger and resources.  The ability to fly is a great feature. The game is divided into earthly biomes. For example:  swamplands, pine/oak forests, mountains, deserts, plains, ocean, tundra and even mushroom land. There also is a physics engine used to make electrical paths. For example: opening a door by pressing or stepping on a button. The last mode of game play is called Hardcore. This is by far the most complicated mode. It forces the player to lose his/her own world upon death. Hunger is drained nonstop until your untimely death. There is no 'respawning' in this mode. Minecraft has received wonderful responses from critics. No other gameplay has ever released such a creative outlet. One can spend hours even days gathering the materials needed and chipping away at the 3D textured blocks. This game allows the player to not only customize their own character but write their own fantasy/destiny by manipulating one brick at a time. The experience of unpredictable, uncharted adventure is what makes Minecraft so extraordinary. Involving friends and/or outsiders into your realm of adventure even takes the game up a notch. Every time you play, your character can become someone else depending on what type of mood you are in that day. Even if one doesn't thrive on adventures this game can still be intriguing. This game is like an unwritten book just waiting for an author to come alone.