Personal Care

                                                        Having a wicked collection of t-shirts and other cool apparel won’t do you much good if you don’t have the personal care items necessary to complete your look. When it comes to creating that rock star appearance, awesome hair and attention grabbing makeup are a must. Here at Merch2Rock, we aim to provide everything you need to create a rockin’ alternative style, from Manic Panic hair dye colors to nail polish and punk style makeup items. Why drive all over town to pick up the various things you need? Start browsing our collection today, and shop from the comfort of your home.

                                                        A Wide Variety of Manic Panic Hair Dye Colors to Choose From

                                                        Whether you’re a punk, a rockabilly, a heavy-metal enthusiast, or anyone else who might be interested in a bold and beautiful hair color, you’ve probably heard of Manic Panic. The company is well known in alternative-style circles, and even the runway. Few other lines offer such an expansive choice of colors, and all of their dyes are natural, vegan, and gluten free.

                                                        In order to achieve a bold and vibrant color, you will probably need to bleach your hair prior to using Manic Panic. Bleach can be very damaging, but with Manic Panic you have a saving grace: unlike many other extreme hair dyes, Manic Panic hair dye colors restore the condition of your hair when used after bleaching.

                                                        The longer you leave the dye on your hair, the deeper the conditioning (and the color) will be. It’s safe to leave on for as long as you like: keep it on for a few hours to create a deep and vivid tone, or leave it on for a few minutes for a more subtle shade. With so many gorgeous colors to choose from, you have a world of creativity at your fingertips. There’s no need to fear when aiming for your boldest styles.

                                                        Amplified Hair Dye by Manic Panic: Shine Brighter and Last Longer

                                                        If you aren’t sure how a certain color will look on you, your best bet would be one of Manic Panic’s temporary colors. These also come in handy when you want to rock a crazy style for a weekend, but go back to your normal look by Monday. However, if you’re dead set on a certain color and you’d like to keep it vibrant for as long as possible, choose Amplified. Like regular Manic Panic, it’s all natural, safe for hair, vegan and gluten free, and because of its special formula, it is guaranteed to last 30 percent longer than the regular dye.

                                                        Other Hair-Care Items and Personal Accessories

                                                        We carry a huge variety of unique personal care items that you might have a hard time finding elsewhere, including lotions, hair pomades, makeup, nail polishes and more. Aside from the Manic Panic hair dye colors, we also carry Special Effects, another reputable brand of semi-permanent hair color. It’s received rave reviews and is known to provide brilliant color that lasts for weeks.

                                                        Please contact us if you have any questions while browsing Manic Panic hair dyecolors and other personal care items. Not only do we pride ourselves on having an expansive selection of rockin’ clothing and accessories, but we also make customer service a top priority. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news about arrivals and updates on the latest deals. Thank you for shopping at Merch2Rock!