Rancid is a punk rock/SKA band formed in 1991 in California. They have been credited as one of the bands who awoke punk rock from it's grave. They write and record music with lyrics that mainly consist of far left or radical politics. Rancid was formed by Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman. Armstrong is the front man/singer as well as guitar player. Freeman plays bass and background vocals. Today's Rancid line up is complete with guitarist/vocalist, Lars Frederiksen, and Branden Steineckert on drums. They have sold over four million albums worldwide. They have kept most of their original fan base. Rancid has released seven studio albums. Their rise to fame was with their second LP release entitled: Let's Go. They also have one compilation record, a series of live on-line LPs, a couple of extended play records, and finally one split recording. Their eighth studio album is currently in recording, and expected to be release sometime in 2012. Armstrong has stated that this new album will be released after The Transplants release their new one. They will also do a small tour as the supporting act for the Blink 182. The seven studio produced albums are as follows: 1993 - Rancid, 1994 - Let's Go, 1995 - ....And Out Comes the Wolves, 1998 - Life Won't Wait, 2000 - Rancid, 2003 - Indestructible, 2009 - Let the Dominies Fall. The split LP, released in 2002,  I mentioned above, is entitled BYO Split Series. The extended play albums are: 1992 - Rancid and 1993 - Radio, Radio, Radio. 2007 - B Sides and C Sides is the name of their compilation album. Rancid is set to record their eighth solo album in 2012. They are also on a worldwide tour to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band.