Red Fang

Portland, Oregon, is the home of the American stoner metal band Red Fang. Stoner metal or desert rock/stoner rock is a sub genre of heavy metal. It consists of a fusion of blues rock, traditional heavy metal, psychedelic rock, acid rock, hardcore punk, punk rock and doom metal. This sub genre emerged in the 90's in California. Soundgarden, Kyuss and Sleep are associated with pioneering this sub genre. The terms 'stoner rock'  originated from a '97 Roadrunner compilation album entitled: "Burn One Up! Music for Stoners".  The music itself is normally considered slow to medium tempo with melodic voices and a heavy bass sound. Red Fang's self titled debut album was dropped in 2009 as a limited release EP. 'Murder the Mountains', their second release, dropped in 2011. The Metalliance's 2011 tour included Red Fang alongside Crowbar and Helmet. That same year Red Fang could be found opening the annual Rockstar Energy Drink's Mayhem Festival on the Jägermeister stage. Other bands appearing on the Jäger stage were Godsmack, Disturbed and Megadeth.  In September of 2011, Mastodon's announced that Red Fang would be opening their show on their current tour alongside The Dillenger Escape Plan. Currently Red Fang are on their first headlining tour of Europe. They can be seen performing for the their first time in Greece, Ukraine, and Russia. The band is made up of long time friends. The Red Fang lineup is as follows: Bryan Giles (guitar and vocals), Aaron Beam (bass guitar and vocals), David Sullivan (guitar), and John Sherman (drums).