Reverend Horton Heat

Check out our awesome collection of Reverend Horton Heat t-shirts that are all officially licensed and offered at an insanely affordable price! If you love Reverend Horton Heat and comfortable, snazzy looking t-shirts, you’re definitely going to want to pick a few from this selection to add to your closet!

All shirts are 100% cotton jersey and have a seamless collar with tapered neck and shoulders. We have a few different designs including the Reverend Horton Heat t-shirt with Oil Logo, which features a rugged red oval with white “REV” letters that has oil dripping from it down into a puddle. It also has the words “Reverend Horton Heat” written diagonally in dark blue across the back, which looks exceptionally awesome against the crushed gray color of the shirt.

If you’re looking for an awesome black logo tee, check out the Horton Heat Grill Steak logo t-shirt that features a brunette pin up in front of a massive T-bone steak. The “Reverend Horton Heat” logo is written behind her, and below her is a banner that says, “Let me teach you how to eat”.

For a more musical t-shirt, check out the Reverend Horton Heat t-shirt that features a guitar handle with a halo-crown around it, and a single rose at the other end, with the logo written in a banner across the middle. All of our items ship in 1–2 business days and are affordably priced for your convenience!