Shrine Of Hollywood

Ever go shopping for new shirts and just not find what you’re looking for? Some stores just seem too preppy, or others look like the 80s came back through a paper shredder. You’re definitely not paying $80 for that “naturally distressed” graphic t-shirt either.

You’re looking for that hard-hitting, post-apocalyptic look that toes the line between destroyed and cool. It’s not something you find on the rack, but we have what you’re looking for here with an entire line that just your style.

Get the Post-Apocalyptic Look

We have shirts like our Decayed Dead Black tee from the Shrine clothing t-shirt line that looks like they survived a nuclear blast. These high fashion yet affordable t-shirts give you the right amount of edge that stands out from the average crowd. Our shirts are:

  • Authentic Shrine merchandise
  • Now with 50% more holes
  • New softer hand and lighter weight
  • Tapered in the neck and shoulders
  • Slim fit
  • Sewn to protect the distressed look

Whether you’re looking for an everyday tee apart from the mainstream or for a specific shirt to round out an outfit, we have the quality, stand-out shirts you want.

Quality Distressing

Our distressing method is deliberate, not haphazard, so you don’t have to worry about the holes, frays, or acid burns unraveling with wear. Our sleeves and bottom hems are double-needled, so with the proper care, they could in fact survive an apocalypse. Since you wouldn't have to worry about it snagging or coming apart in a post-apocalyptic world, everyday wear and tear won’t be an issue for this collection.

The new, lighter weight material makes the Shrine clothing t-shirts perfect for layering or as a stand alone shirt. They create an awesome base for any look you’re going for that will take you from day to night, rain to shine, and anything armageddon could throw at you. And with 50% more holes, it will seem like you survived it, too, instead of looking like you took kitchen shears to a standard multi-pack t-shirt.

Shrine Style

All of our Shrine products are authentic merchandise—so you know the quality, durability, and style are good. Not only do we offer a high value product you can rely on, but we also offer them affordably. You can buy several the Shrine Clothing t-shirt styles at the price of one designer shirt and it will be just as resilient. Shrine designs a style that fits into your lifestyle seamlessly and without any DIY work required. The cut flatters you just as much as it does your personal style with comfort and design.

The Shrine clothing t-shirts are as edgy as you are and one of the best editions you can make to your wardrobe without having to survive the apocalypse. Just throw them on, go, and watch the heads turn as you pass by.