Sons Of Anarchy

The Sons of Anarchy has been called the "manliest show on television."  It is a American modern day crime drama. This tv series premiered on September 3, 2008, on the FX network. Sons of Anarchy was created by Kurt Sutter. Sutter is the series writer and director. This series consistently gaines more viewers. By their third season it was being watched by almost five million viewers per week. This makes this series the most watched FX series to date. On February 3, 2012, Sons of Anarchy was renewed for their sixth season. This tv series takes place in the fictitious town of Charming, CA. Charming is being run by a motorcycle club, Sons of Anarchy, who want to protect their town from outsiders. The series centers on the son of the club owners, Jax. At times he can be a very violent individual. He is accustomed to arms dealing and drug smuggling. He will do anything to protect his family and corrupt town. The motorcycle clubhouse can be found at the same address as the auto shop. This auto shop hides what is really happening in the Redwood Charter. Most of the members have 'day jobs' in this auto shop. However behind this store front they are really hijacking truck shipments of valuable products, importing illegal weapons, modifying them and then selling them to gangs. In the clubhouse you can find a living area where club members hang out, a kitchen, a gym, a bar with a pool table, and their chapel.  In the chapel the members discuss their behind the scenes business endeavors. They sit behind a large redwood table that has their customized reaper on the top. Sons of Anarchy has a star studded cast. The main cast is as follows: Charlie Hunnam as Jax, Ron Perlman as Clay, Katey Sagal as Gemma, Mark Boone Jr. as Bobby Elvis, Kim Coates as Tig, Tommy Flanagan as Chibs, Ryan Hurst as Opie, William Lucking as Piney, Theo Rossi as Juice, Johnny Lewis as Half Sack, Maggie Siff as Tara,  and Dayton Callie and Wayne Unser. There are many Sons of Anarchy t shirts found online. Many have pictures of the SOA patch. This patch is a grim reapers holding a crystal ball with the anarchy "A" and the traditional scythe.