When you think of a sourpuss, you think sassy, witty, distinct, stylish and maybe even a little bit saucy. Know someone like that? Maybe yourself? Sourpuss is all of these things and more with a personal style just for you.

Edgy with just the right touch of a feminine hand, our items from Sourpuss refuse to blend in. Really, they blend right out and will not be tamed—like Sourpuss socks peeping out over the top of your platform boots or a skillfully tied pink leopard print bandana on a purse strap.

All of our Sourpuss items are expertly created from quality materials to make sure that your purchase stands out for all the right reasons (and for the right price). Your stylish individuality will make a loud statement with our graphic pieces with a punk vibe that ship in no time.

Socks on Socks on Socks

Why wear plain, white socks when your feet can make a statement in our Sourpuss socks? With several designs, no day is the same. Pair them with Mary Janes for an updated funky look, wear them under boots or wear them hanging around the house to keep your toes warm. Our selection has the perfect pair for whatever your sock desires may be. Our socks aren’t just cute. Made from cotton, they’ll be more durable than most graphic print socks, so they’ll endure wash and wear better, as well as keep their shape. Your style may change faster than they’ll wear out.

Your feet deserve to get dressed up with just as much fun as the rest of your outfit. Let bats fly across your ankles, fierce leopard prints climb your calves, or the cutest skulls and bows graze your knees. Sourpuss socks are ending the reign of boring hosiery.

Get Your Print On

Solids, neutrals, and argyle aren’t really your thing. Your style is never drab because you know how to rock a wild accent piece and how to mix prints. Everything about you is eye catching from head to toe, and in your mind, print is the new black. You’re a Sourpuss girl. Illustrated mermaids and Bettie-inspired bags call your name—and they’re not just cute, they’re functional with tons of room for everything you need to get through your day.

You don’t have to resort to bland, mega-mart beach towels, either. With Sourpuss you can even bring your personal touch to the beach—tanning days are no excuse to sacrifice style. You’ll be catching eyes as well as rays on our printed towels that serve as your perfect background.

From bandanas to totes to towels to Sourpuss socks, we’ve got your look covered whether your style is hard hitting punk or a girly-girly with an edge. We’re always looking for the latest prints to keep you in vogue at affordable prices.