When you imagine a biker, you probably picture a man or woman in a jacket and vest. This style originally evolved from the military uniform, which is funny when you consider how opposite the structured and disciplined life of a soldier is from the free-flowing, rebellious journey of a biker.

The first motorcycle jackets of the 1920s were said to bear a close resemblance to the bomber jackets worn by the pilots in World War I. Leather jackets and accompanying vests have always been associated with courage, adventure and a daring attitude. Now, they are tied to bikers, rock stars and anyone who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. If that sounds like you, start browsing our collection for a denim motorcycle vest today.

Vests are rising in popularity due to their versatility and attractive, rebellious style. Highly rated shows like Sons of Anarchy have brought more attention to the biker-style vest, and here at Merch2Rock, we have a large selection of awesome vests to complete your wardrobe.

Denim Motorcycle Vest: Comfortable and Versatile

You don’t necessarily have to be a biker to enjoy wearing a denim motorcycle vest. Vests are quite versatile, and they offer a completely different look depending on how you wear them.

For that bold and rebellious rock-star style, wear your vest alone or over a muscle tee or tank top. If you need to attend a formal occasion but can’t stand the idea of a suit or dress, consider wearing a vest over a button-down shirt, which allows you to both dress appropriately and keep a bit of edge to your style. If the full-on biker look is what you’re going for, layer a denim motorcycle vest under a leather jacket. Don’t forget to invest in a good pair of boots as well!

Motorhead Vest: Find a Cool Vest at a Price You Can Afford

If a denim motorcycle vest isn’t your thing, maybe a leather Motorhead vest would be more suited to your taste. Whether you choose that or a Motorhead denim vest, you want to be able to afford your purchase. It’s tempting to shop at expensive stores, but why waste your hard-earned cash when you can get the same high-quality stuff for a fraction of the price?

Start browsing our motorcycle vests today! We also have tons of officially licensed Sons of Anarchy rings t-shirts, hoodies, pants and accessories. Stock up today, and feel awesome about the way you look when you hit the road with your friends.

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