Rob Zombie

Mr. Robert Bartleh Cummings, aka Mr. Rob Zombie, has a list of occupations. Most known for his lead vocals in the band White Zombie. He was born in Haverhill, MA, on January 12, 1965. His music fits the heavy metal, alternative metal, groove metal, and industrial metal genres.  He has also established himself a career in the film industry. House of 1000 Corpses, 20 remake of Halloween, The Devil's Rejects, and The Haunting World of El SuperBeasto. The Lords of Salem, his newest film, will be premiered sometime in 2012. Mr. Zombie was born and raised in Massachusetts. He is the eldest child in his family. He founded White Zombie (1985-1998) a very loud, heavy metal band incorporating industrial metal sounds and noisy guitar riffs. His lyrics centered around pseudo-satanic verses about the surreal.  This group disbanded shortly after his release of a solo album entitled Hellbilly Deluxe, a tongue in check reference to country star Dwight Yoakum's HillyBilly Deluxe. After touring worldwide for many years, Mr. Zombie decided to move into the film industry. He produced and directed two horror movies between 2003 and 2005. Then in late 2005, Mr. Zombie decided he missed the music industry and formed his new solo act band. This band included John 5, of Marilyn Manson, and Tommy Clufetos, former Alice Cooper drummer. They recored an album entitled Educated Horses. The songs on this album were more mainstream pop. All the horror references were eliminated from the lyrics as well as his new less demonic looks.  Even his trade marked dreadlocks had been cut off. A new album Hellbilly Deluxe 2, and a remake of 1978's Halloween horror movie was next on the list for Mr. Zombie. The rewrite and direction of Zombie's Halloween remake grossed over $78 million dollars. This is by far his biggest hit to date. Next came his animated film The Haunted World Of El SuperBeasto.  It was debuted in limited theaters on September 12, 2009. In Janurary 2010, he decided he wanted to direct an episode of CSI: Miami. Megadeth and Rob Zombie are currently on a co-headliner tour in limited US states.