Vitality’s Aqua Filler Deep Filler Hair Thickening Kit

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Vitality’s Aqua Filler Deep Filler Hair Thickening Kit

Vitality's Hair Redensifying Kit contains one Redensifying shampoo and one mousse.

Vitality's Hair Redensifying Shampoo 8.4 FL oz
Gently cleanses and strengthens the hair's structure, hydrating and detangling hair to leave it silky and soft. Reduces the static effect. Adds extraordinary light and new body for your hair.

- Gentle surfactants from coconut oil: cleanse deep down, looking after the hair structure and the scalp.
- Citric Acid: normalizes the hair's pH, leaving it brighter.
- Filler-Tech: peptide with a plant origin, penetrates the impoverished areas of the hair, filling the individual strands with restorative substances.
- Fig Extract: replenishing and polishing effect; restores the right level of hydration needed by hair. Counteracts free radicals and ensures an   antioxidant action.

Vitality’s Aqua Filler Redensifying Mousse 5.0 FL oz.
Redensifying mousse hydrates, and polishes. For use at home, this is the last stage of the thickening treatment. No rinse needed. Controls the frizz effect. Particularly suitable for fine hair.

- D PANTENOL: moisturizing and polishing.
- HYDROLYSED RICE PROTEIN: rebuilds and compacts the capillary fiber. Formulated without surfactant sulphates (SLS and SLES) and parabens.

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