Edwin Jagger

We know you don’t want to look like a schlub when you’re heading out. That is why Merch2Rock’s products bring out your inner rockstar, so you can look the part you feel.

Wet shaving is a growing service in the men’s grooming industry that produces a smooth, clean cut look without having to go to the barber. That’s where the Edwin Jagger shaving set comes in to create the smooth and confident man.

Integrity and Inspiration

For more than two decades the products of Edwin Jagger have been setting standards for global grooming. Cultivating a reputation for luxury wet shaving products, the Jagger brand has made sure men get as close a shave as possible without the irritation. Part of the brand’s appeal is the personal attention put into the design of each item to meet the highest of standards.

Impeccable Products for Impeccable Men

Like many of the line’s products, the Edwin Jagger shaving set exemplifies traditional English quality style by combining it with state of the art design, manufacturing techniques, and an established heritage. The soaps and lotions in this set use natural ingredients to create impeccable items we know the impeccable customers of the Edwin Jagger have come to expect over the years.