Motorhead was formed by Ian Fraser Kilmister, aka Lemmy, in 1975.  He has been the only constant member of the band over the years. He is the band's bassist, songwriter as well as singer/frontman. Their music classified by many as heavy metal. Their song lyrics are prominently about war, drug abuse, casual sex, and most of all gambling. The band itself was named after aslang term referring to the abuse of amphetamines.  Many members have come and gone since the formation of this band, but it has mainly been a trio. Motorhead has received many awards throughout the years. In 1976, they even won a poll that voted them "the best worst band in history'. However in 2005 they picked up their first Grammy for Best Metal Performance. This Grammy was for covering a Metallica hit entitled 'Whiplash'. Motorhead is well known in the professional wrestling community too. The wrestler, Triple H, uses their song, 'The Game', as his entrance song. Motorhead has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. Half of those, 15 million, were sold in the United States alone. Snaggletooth, the icon for this band, is also known by the name of War Pig.  In 1977, a couple years after the band formed, Joe Petagno created this image after meeting their frontman, Lemmy. It's oversized boar horns are reflective of Lemmy's attitude toward life. Petagno studied varieties of skulls and settled with a mix of a wolf crossbred with a gorilla. It was Lemmy's idea to add chains and spikes. Snaggletooth has been recognized as the symbol of Motorhead many years. Motorhead, the name, is always printed in black, lowercase letters of different fonts. At first the members of this band didn't all agree on this image. But they have grown to love Snaggletooth over the years. Motorhead is currently on a world wide tour entitled: The Wörld is Yours.